Zori Takegawa

Karube Takegawa-LL

KARUBE takegawa zori

LL:29cm (11-12.5 inches)

Bamboo from YAMAGATA

Japanese sandals made of bamboo from YAMAGATA

The 2.5cm sole height make these shoes very comfortable

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¥ 5,300

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KARUBE takegawa zori-LL

LL:29cm (11-12.5 inches)

Bamboo from YAMAGATA.

Sole (back): 2,5cm high. Relaxing for the legs.

It is made of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate: anti-slip

Bamboo is woven in a very compact way.

The HANAO (straps) are wide and comfortable.

Lined, solid sole edge.

Check your size.

Advice for choosing the size of Zori and Geta: the heel protrudes about 1.5 ~ 2cm.