KONO Yoshinori

Waza to Jyutsuri 2016 - KONO Yoshinori

甲野善紀 技と術理2016 ―飇拳との出会い

Waza to Jyutsuri 2016 -Hyoken tono deai /Encounter with Hyoken - Yoshinori KONO


Language: Japanese

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Waza to Jyutsuri 2016 -Hyoken tono deai /Encounter with Hyoken - Yoshinori KONO

This DVD features Yoshinori "Ninja Master" Kono's stunning martial arts moves with his own commentaries.

This is not Aikido, Judo, Kendo either. This is Ko-bu-ju-tsu ("ancient martial arts"). For decades Master Kono has studied a variety of pre-modern Japanese martial arts and integrated them into his own unique style. Now he is sixty years old but he is still improving his  techniques. His incredible moves and body controls attract many people beyond the circle of martial artists such as baseball and soccer coaches, caregivers, and even musicians. They try to learn from Kono's Ko-bu-ju-tsu. You can also improve your physical capacity with his method.

The content of this DVD :

Chapiter 1 - Kono Yoshinori no waza (Techniques of Kono Yoshinori)

Chapiter 2 - Hyoken no kizuki (Notes on Hyoken)

Chapiter 3 - Kosoku bishindo (High speed micro vibrations)

Chapiter 4 - Kenjutsu no tenkai (Deployment of Kenjutsu)

Chapiter 5 - Keikoho wo kangaeru (Observation on training methods)

Chapiter 6 - Katari (Talk) – Dekinai toiu fuan ga kieta (Loss of anxiety)

86 mn