Weapon sets

Weapons Set Yagyu

Weapons Set Yagyu

1 Bokken Yagyu + 1 Jo + 1 Tanto

White / red Oak

Set of weapons for aikido practice.

The YAGYU bokken white will arrive standing end of February 2020.

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¥ 8,700

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Weapons Set Yagyu 

This set of weapons includes:

-Bokken Yagyu ryu
Weight: about 400g
Length 102cm

Yagyu Ryu wooden katana is slightly curved, light and thin. It is easy to handle for beginners or people with arms problems.

Width 2.4 cm
Length 128cm
Weight: about 500g

This is a standard jo in terms of length, weight and diameter.

Weight: about 150g
Length: 30cm

This bokuto is very popular among people who practice aikido.

These weapons are made from Japanese oak from Kyushu (the southern part of Japan ) by NIIDOME Bokuto Craft Company at Miyakonojo, in Kyushu. This company represented more than 80% of the bokken manufacturing market in Japan. Miyakonojo keeps the traditional way of manufacturing, such as  drying the wood naturally in order not to destroy the fibers of oak; therefore our bokken are solid and robust and can be used for a long time. NIIDOME Company uses the wood taken from 70 years old trees.