Weapon sets

Basic Aikido Set

Weapons Set Aikido Basic -Oak

1 Bokken classic (Kendo gata) + 1 Jo (128x24mm) + 1 Tanto

Basic set of weapons for aikido practice.

JO white arrives mid-JUNE.

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¥ 7,720

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Basic Weapons Set Aikido

White oak / Red oak

Set of weapons :

- A classic bokken (kendogata)

Weight: approx. 500g

Length: 101,5cm

Tsuka length: 26cm (Dimension 2.5 x 3.4cm)

Kendo Gata Wooden sword is solid, robust, with a good resistance to physical constraints. This is the ideal booke for Kata training or Suburi of Kendo and other martial arts, such as Iaido and Aikido. This is the most popular bokken in Japan and is the reference bokken of All Japan Kendo Federation and the Japanese Minister of Defence.

This bokken has a Tsuba groove. You can put  and tsuba and tsuba dome.

- A jo

Width: 2.4cm

Length: 128cm

Weight: approx. 500g

This is a standard jo in terms of length, weight and diameter.

- A tanto

Weight: approx. 150g

Length: 30cm

This bokuto is very popular among people who practice aikido.

Our weapons are solid, hard and resistant. The wood of the Kyushu region gathers all the qualities for the manufacturing of these weapons.