Japanese Tanto Ebony

新留 黒檀 短刀

Tanto Kokutan (ebony) - Japanese wooden Dagger

Weight: about 200g
Length: 29cm

Shiny beautiful dark surface.

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¥ 20,740

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Tanto Kokutan (ebony) - Short Wooden Sword Katana

Weight: about 200g
Length: 29cm

Manufactured with precious Ebony. Beautiful shiny dark surface

These tanto are made in the traditional manufacture by NIIDOME Bokuto Seisakujo at Miyakonojo in Kyushu.  

Very beautiful surface. In general, ebony is used for making Buddhist altars, beautiful furniture and luxury equipment because of its beautiful glossy surface, hardness and durability.

These tanto are made in a traditional manner by NIIDOME Bokuto Seisakujo. This company based in MIYAKONOJO (South of Japan) is specialized in the manufacturing of bokken, tanto and jo since 1940. NIDOME uses the wood of a tree of about 300 years old to make this tanto.