Japanese Tanto Oak

Tanto Aikido - Japanese wooden Dagger

White Oak / Red Oak
Weight about 150g
length 30cm

A tanto is a short sword for practicing Aikido. This tanto oak is made in Japan with traditional way that gives wood (oak) a good quality. This is very standard tanto for Aikido.

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¥ 1,800

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Tanto Tanto Aikido-oak

White Oak / Red Oak
Tanto aikido :Weight about 150g
length 30cm

Our Tanto-is hard, strong, good resistance to physical, than the southern Kyushu has all the qualities.

These bokken are made from Japanese oak from Kyushu (the southern part of Japan) by ARAMAKI in Miyakonojo, Kyushu. In the past, Miyakonojo accounted for over 80% of the bokken-making market in Japan. This company perpetuates a traditional way of manufacturing, among other things the natural drying of wood so as not to destroy the fibers of the oak, thus making our bokken more durable and robust.

ARAMAKI uses wood from trees about 70 years old.