Bag for bokken jo

Bag for bokken & Shoto Blue

housse shobu bleu bokken+shoto

Bag for bokken & Shoto Blue

Length: 122cm

100% Cotton + Synthetic

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¥ 1,960

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Bag Shobusome for bokken / bokuto  or 1 katana - Blue

Length: 122cm

Cotton 100%+ synthetic

It is simple, light, compressible and practical. Easy to use for daily training.

This bag can hold 2 BOKKEB /1BOKKEN + 1 SHOTO(WAKIZASHI)

The pattern is of SHOBU Kamon (Japanese iris). Iris is a symbol of power and righteousness because it grows straight.

All our products are 100% made in Japan and have been adopted by martial arts practitioners and Japanese culture lovers from all around the world.