Obi pour les femmes

Hanhaba obi AWASE FLOWER

 Hanhaba obi Belt for yukata kimono daily.

Polyester 100% 

Length:  3.8m 

Width: 16.5cm

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¥ 2,000

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Hanhaba Obi - Flower

Polyester 100%

Length: About 3.9m

Width: 16.5cm

Hanhaba obi is an obi for yukata (kimono for daily life).

Obi Awasé: double jacquard fabric
Unique and beautiful design. Soft to the touch but solid. Reversible.

Manufactured in Kiryu.
The city of Kiryu is located in Gunma Prefecture. It is famous for the quality of its textil products. Many kind of textile products are manufactured there, especially Kimono and Obi "Kiryu-ori" in cotton and polyester.


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** Kobayashi Hirokazu Aikido Autonomous Academy use this obi under their Hakama.