Kaku obi-Awase-HANA

Kaku obi Belt Awase-HANA

Obi Awase: double jacquard. Reversible

100% Polyester   - 390 x 10cm

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¥ 5,500

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Kaku obi Awase-HANA

HANA is flowers Japonais. Traditional fabrics for KIMONO.

-Brown X Dark Blue
-Dark Brown x Black
(* In the images we see the light color, but they are quite dark.)

Obi Awase: double jacquard.

The unique and beautiful design. reversible.

Made in  Kiryu(GUNMA).
The city is Kiryu Gunma Prefecture textile specialist.
It manufactures all out of textile.
In particular, the textile kimono and obi "KIRYU-ORI" cotton and polyester.


 100% Polyester

- 390 x 10cm

-Quality: soft, solid.