Kaku obi-YASHIMA


YA is an arrow in Japanese, this pattern of kakuobi is an arrow, the traditional pattern.

Obi Awase: double jacquard.

100% Polyester     - 390 x 10cm

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¥ 5,500

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Wide Belt  Kaku obi Awase-YASHIMA

100% polyester

390 x 10cm

Obi Awasé: double jacquard fabric, twice as thick as "Hitoé".

Soft to the touch, very comfortable but solid at the same time.

YA means "arrow" in Japanese. The motif of this kakuobi is an arrow, traditional pattern frequently used.

Beautiful and unique design. Reversible.

Color choice:




-Dark blue


Made in Kiryu.

* The town of Kiryu is located in Gunma Prefecture. It is famous for the quality of its fabrics, Kiryu-ori. It manufactures all kinds of textiles but its specialty remains the Kakuobi in cotton and polyester.
Note that the Kiryu-Ori fabrics were made for the emperor in the 8th century.