Nihon Tenugui


Ténugui Hannyashinkyo vert

平常心 緑 Hannnya shin kyo Hiejoshin

Tenugui is a Japanese fabric to use kendo, kitchen and a lot of things, a very useful fabric.

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Tenugui "Hannnya shin kyo" / Sutra Bouddiste-Hiejoshin

Kyo is a sacred book of Buddhism (Sutra).

Hannya Shin Kyo is a Buddhist Sutra composed of about 300 words.
It talks abouth the emptiness of all things and says that we must find a way to free ourselves from suffering.

The Budo is more a mental WAZA more than a physical one.

Héijoshin: It is one of the components of Budo. This corresponds to a spirit always serene and calm.

Tenugui 100% cotton

36 x 90cm