Nihon Tenugui

Tenugui 10 rules for health

てぬぐい 健康十進

Tenugui "Kenko jusshu" / 10 rules to be healthy

Cotton 100%

Size: 36 x 90cm

Tenugui is a multipurpose Japanese traditional towel used in kendo, for cooking and in a wide variety of areas. It is also a simple and original gift.

You can wrap it around the neck or wear it on the head when practicing Kendo.

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Tenugui "Kenko jusshu" / 10 rules to be healthy

100% cotton
36 x 90cm

Towel for sports, Kendo, rag for the kitchen.

1, Do not eat too much meat, eat a lot of vegetables.

2, Do not eat too much salt, eat a lot of vinegar.

3, Do not eat too much sugar, eat a lot of fruits.

4, Do not eat too much, eat a little and chew well.

5, Do not overdress, take a lot of baths.

6, Do not talk too much, take action right away.

7, Do not have expectations, give a lot.

8, Do not be discouraged, sleep well.

9, Do not drive often, walk a lot.

10, Do not get angry often, laugh a lot.

How to wear Tenugui on the head for Kendo.