Nihon Tenugui

Tenugui- SESSA TAKUMA Dark Red

KHT042 sessa takuma

Tenugui SESSA TAKUMA/ improve ourselves through friendly rivalry

Dark Red

Cotton 100%

36 x 96cm

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¥ 700

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Tenugui SESSA TAKUMA -Dark Red

SESSA TAKUMA literally means "improve ourselves through friendly rivalry".

They are made with the traditional technique at ENSHU (HAMAMATSU), where each piece is dyed by hand.

HAMAMATSU is a traditional dyeing town since the time of MEIJI.

Tenugui is a Japanese traditional towel made of cotton fabric of plain weave.
This is a lot of ways about how to use it.
You can wipe your hands and face, use it in kitchen, wrap it around the neck, can wear on the head for Kendo, etc.

How to wear Tenugui on the head for Kendo