Nihon Tenugui

Tenugui Seigaiha

手拭 青海波

Tenugui Seigaiha(Wave)

Tenugui is a Japanese fabric to use kendo, kitchen and a lot of things, a very useful fabric.

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¥ 380

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Tenugui Seigaiha Blue

Tenugui size: 36 x 90cm

A tenugui is a very convenient Japanese towel used in kendo but also for cooking, to wrap a present, etc. It has a broad range of possible applications. It is also a very cheap, simple and original gift for adults and children.

We offer a broad range of tenugui with different patterns. Like all our products, these zori are made 100% in Japan by the best craftsmen, which guarantees that these items are of very high quality. Shipped directly from Japan.