Socks Tabi-HISHI

Tabi - Japanese TABI socks HISHI

Cotton / Viscose / Nylon

Made in NARA (JAPAN)
Soft cotton ninja socks, very comfortable. manufactures in Japan since 1983

Size 39-43(25-27cm)

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¥ 400

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Japanese Tabi Socks HISHI

Cotton / Viscose / Nylon

Size: 39-43(25-27cm)

3 color choices
Black / Dark Blue / Gray

These tabi socks are made by NAKO in NARA, specialist in sock manufacturing since 1983.

NARA is a city of socks, it manufactures 65% of sock "Made in Japan" in Japan.

Tabi socks are very practical and can be put with zori, geta or Setta. They can be worn independently with Western clothing or a kimono.