Kyudo-Satsuma heki ryu koshiya

BAB BCD8 薩摩日置流腰矢

Kobudo series Satsuma Hekiryu koshiya

Language: Japanese


This technique was created at the epoque of the samurais' war.

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Kobudo series Satsuma Hekiryu koshiya

By the method of warfare with the spear to design a method to shoot an arrow with several groups, this technique was named as a "Koshiya".

Divide the bow corps into two groups;the front one and the rear, the front group shoots an arrow to an enemy and the other group behind take out an arrow  from the quiver (Ehira) to prepare to shoot the allow. As they advance the corps by repeating this attack with the both groups alternately.

SATSUMA HEKI Koshiya Ryu is a former school Kenjutsu (Kyudo) to SATSUMA (KAGOSHIMA).

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-So daisho

ITO Nobuo


Language: Japanese