MATSUKAN Kendo Dogi Indigo WASH Single

KENDO DOGI (Jacket) Hitoe-zashi Single Layer WASH

100% cotton single layer kendo gi with a Good quality, very soft, durable and shrink resistant.

Natural Indigo dyeing: Bushu dyed which is top dyeing quality

Diamond weave at the bottom of Dogi to fit better in your Hakama

No need to wash for the first use

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¥ 13,000

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MATSUKAN KENDO DOGI(kimono) Hitoe-zashi (single Layer)

Cotton 100%

Single layer dogi; thiner than Dogi WASH Double Layer

Kendo Soft-Keikogi Wash double is:

-WASH KAKO, you do not need to wash before first use.

-The natural dye Indigo called Bushu dyed which is the traditional dye with very high quality in Japan.

-Weaving fabric "Sashiko" (embroidery square) with Diamond weave at the bottom of Dogi to fit better in your Hakama. Even for your intense training, this dogi fits very well.

This Dogi will not shrink even for the first several washes because this dogi is done by Washing process.

Washing process is that Matsukan has already washed Dogi in order to avoid the shrink.
-The dogi is made of two pieces of fabric giving more relaxed fit especially around the shoulders so that you can move your arms freely.

Matsukan is a manufacturing company for martial art equipement, especially kendo and Judo, and is one of official suppliers for All Japan Kendo Federation with more than 100years of experience!       In 2015, Matsukan's carry bags and shinai bags called " Kanmuri (Crown) " were selected to Japan National Kendo Men's team for the 16th World Kendo Championships (2015).

Size-Kendo Keikogi

5plus 180779766

**YUKI: From the middle (center) of the neck to the cuff or the edge of the sleeve.