MATSUKAN Kendo Hakama high quality Tetron

Kendo Hakama high quality Tetron

Easy to care and to fold, very durable and quick-drying

Since the back of pleats are sewn

This HAKAMA is made by Tetoron, developed for more than 30 years by Japanese company TORE.

The synthetic fiber called Tetoron is used for the industry products,  included in the sport products.

Tetron: polyester 65% viscose 35%

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¥ 9,400

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Kendo Hakama high quality Tetron

 polyester 65%viscose 35%
The fabric was created by a textile company: "TORE" in Japan over 30 years.

This high-quality synthetic fabric called "Tetoron" is used in the textile industry for manufacturing including sportswear.
He is soft to the touch, lightweight and dries quickly.

- It is very smooth.

- It is also very lightweight and dries very quickly but it is robust. So, you can use it for a very long time once you buy it.

-Easy to fold this hakama  Before  and after your training/ keiko, youcan save your time because youcan fold very easily.
-Easy to wash. Unlike hakama made from Cotton, you can wash like your other clothes.

-Since the backside of pleats are sewn, it is very easy to fold this hakama and also very easy to care after washing

-5 Seams on the belt.  It is very durable and you can tie firmly.

- It is very robust because it is sewn of reinforcement at several places such as on Koshiita, at the side of Hakama, on the obi, etc.

Matsukan is a manufacturing company for martial art equipement, especially kendo and Judo with 100 years of experience, and is one of official suppliers for All Japan Kendo Federation!  In 2015, Matsukan's carry bags and shinai bags called " Kanmuri (Crown) " were selected to Japan National Kendo Men's team for the 16th World Kendo Championships (2015).
 HAKAMA size Length HAKAMA(cm) Mens size(cm) Womens  size(cm)
 16 61 120-125 110-115
 17 65 126-130 116-120
 18 69 131-135 121-125
 19 72 136-140 126-130
 20 76 141-145 131-135
 21 79 146-150 136-140
 22 83 151-155 141-145
 23 86 156-160 146-150
 24 88 161-165 151-155
 25 94 166-170 156-160
 26 98 171-175 161-165
 27 102 176-179 166-170
 28 106 180-185 171-175