Zekken for Kendo HARIRON

zekken hariron 松勘 剣道 ゼッケン ハリロン

Zekken for Iaido HARIRON(Patch)

Zekken KENDO is a cloth bag is labeled with the surname in Japanese (vertical), French (horizontal) and country is city (horizontal).

M: For Men 18 x 27cm

S: For Woman and Child: 16 x 24cm

Made in Japan by MATSUKAN

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Zekken for Kendo

M :Mens : 18 x 27cm

S :Womens and Children : 16 x 24cm

about 45 euros (depending on the number of letters)

Ask for quote.

Contact us!(Give us your name and the letter you want to put horizontally.)

Matsukan is a manufacturing company for martial art equipement, especially kendo and Judo with 100 years of experience, and is one of official suppliers for All Japan Kendo Federation!  In 2015, Matsukan's carry bags and shinai bags called " Kanmuri (Crown) " were selected to Japan National Kendo Men's team for the 16th World Kendo Championships (2015).