Matsukan Keikogi Iaido Tétron

Keikogi (Kimono) Iaido-Tetoron

Black / White

65% polyester 35% viscose

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¥ 7,600

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Keikogi (Kimono) Iaido-Tetoron

65% polyester 35% viscose

The fabric was created by a textile company: "torus" here in Japan over 30 years.
This high-quality snthetic fabric called "Tetoron" is used in the textile industry for manufacturing including sportswear.

- It is dried fast, light, cutting keikogi are adapting the movement of Iaido.

- Easy to move through the seam at the back

- There is room around the shoulders: the cut adapted to Iaido motions.

- The reinforcing tape around the end of the inner sleeve

- Sleeve is narrowed: to avoid hanging your iaito.

- With 4 strings at two places; 2 inside and the other 2 outside like kendogi.

Black / White
Weight: about 500g
Size Keikogi Iaido

1 :Size : 140-150cm

2 : Size : 150-160cm
Width (W): 57cm Length (T): 90cm Shoulder Sleeve length + (1): 63,5cm

3:Size: 160-170cm
    Width (L): 59cm Length (T): 93cm Shoulder Sleeve length + (1): 68cm
4:Size: 170 - 175cm
    Width (L): 63cm Length (T): 95cm Shoulder Sleeve length + (1): 71cm
5-Size: 175-185cm
    Width (L): 68cm Length (T): 100cm Shoulder Sleeve length + (1): 74cm