Transmission of KIMURA Masahiko-IWATSURI Kaneo

SPD-3511木村政彦伝 鬼の柔道

Oni no judo - Kanéo IWATSURI /Transmission of Masahiko KIMURA 

Language : Japanese


You can learn KIMURA master techniques, especially Osotogari.

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Oni no judo - Kaneo IWATSURI / Transmission of Masahiko KIMURA 

Generally, Osotogari is a technique used against an opponent smaller than oneself. However, Master KIMURA manages to defeat larger opponents than him using this technique.

Kaneo IWATSURI (1917-1993) was a pupil of Master KIMURA and became All Japan Judo champion in 1937, 1939, 1954 and 1967. He was also a teacher (shihan) of Gojyu ryu Karate.

In this DVD, Master IWATSURI teaches us techniques transmitted by his master, especially Osotogari.


The content of this DVD

- osotogari

- osoto otoshi

- ude garami

- obitori gaeshi

- training

Language : Japanese