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Amézoko Zori White

Amézoko Zori White

M 25.5 cm (39-41)

L 28 cm (43-46)

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¥ 2,100

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Amezoko ZORI White

M 25.5 cm (7.5 - 9 inches)

L 28 cm (10-11 inches)

ZORI is a traditional Japanese sandal, worn especially in summer. These Amezoko zori are made of synthetic resin with elastic sponge / anti-slip soles.

Like all our products, these zori are made 100% in Japan by the best craftsmen, which guarantees that these items are of very high quality. Sent directly from Japan.

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Advice for choosing the right size of Zori and Geta: the heel protrudes about 1.5 ~ 2cm.