Kurume banten

Kurume banten Red

Kurume banten (hanten) Red

Hanten / Banten is a traditional Japanese jacket, very light, soft and warm
Color: Red
The patterns: random (these photos are some examples)

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¥ 4,980

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SHIGEMATSU Kurume Banten (hanten) Red

Size M-L (150-165cm)
Kurume is a city in Kyushu.
The fabric "Kurume gasuri" is known in Japan, is weaving craft.
This is a traditional Kimono daily basis.
  Tissue Kurume is pleasant to the touch.
  Inside there is cotton, a lot of volume, even at the neck, like a very hot.

-Thick quilted lining.

Kurume Banten SHIGEMATSU more volume eppaiseur that another supplier.                 

-It's warm, soft and Light jacket.

Outside: Viscose 50% Polyester 50%
Inside:  Cotton 100%

Width of jacket: 65cm
Jacket length: 78cm
Shoulder width: 66cm
Sleeve length: 36cm

*Do not machine wash, respect the washing labels.