Bokken Standard

Bokken standard SUNUKE

Aramaki Bokken Kendogata Sunuke

Bokken standard -SUNUKE

Weight: about 750g
Length 101.5 cm

Standard bokken, the most popular bokken in Japan.

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¥ 18,000

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Bokken standard /Wooden sword-SUNUKE

Material :Sunuke

Weight: about 750g
Length 101.5 cm
Tsuka Length: 26cm
Tsuka size: 3.5 x 2.6cm

Sunuke is the central part of a tree called ISUNOKI (Distylium racemosum) aged about 300 years. High grade, beautiful and very rare material.

This bokken is manufactured by Aramaki Budogu Woodworking Shop located in Miyakonojo, Kyushu. This company has more than 80 % of market share of Bokken in Japan.