Katana Nugui gami-Echizen Tesuki

刀拭い紙 越前手漉き和紙

Echizen Tésuki Katana Nuguigami

A paper of the Japanese rice manufactures handcrafted in the region of ECHIZEN,

It was specially made for wiping Japanese KATANA.

The fiber is thin and soft.

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¥ 2,800

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Echizen Katana Tesuki Nuguigami

Premium Japanese paper for Katana, handmade in Echizen (FUKUI).

This paper is used to clean a NIHONTO (true Japanese sword). After its manufacture, the paper is very hard but once the manufacturer has massaged it several times, it will be very soft, like fabric.

It can be used multiple times,it's the same paper we use "UKIYOE HANGA" (Japanese traditional prints).

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