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Knee protection 809

Aikido Knee Brace / JUDO / KARATE / IAIDO


To protect your knee or knees when practicing Aikido, Judo, Karate, Iaido (Martial arts where we often fold the knees). The part behind the knee is made with ventilated fabric and makes the perspiration decrease.

*Sold by unit.

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about 3-5 days

¥ 1,550

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Aikido Knee Brace / JUDO / KARATE / IAIDO - Black

Length: 20cm

Size M: Knee length 32-38cm

Size L: Knee length 36-42cm

Viscose / Polyester / Polyurethane

Peace of mind guaranteed with this knee pad with a thick cushion, very airy fabric, solid, comfortable to wear.

- The foam conforms to the shape of the knee

- 47% lighter than a conventional kneepad

- The fabric is very light, stretchy, breathable and dries quickly

- Thickness of the foam: 10mm, to effectively protect the knee against shocks.

- The fabric inside keeps the knee securely.

*Sold by unit.