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Knee protection 837

Knee-White/ Black

Practicing for: aikido, judo karate (The martial arts which have some motions with folding knees.)
-The foam conforms to the shape of your knee.
-The fabric is light, stretch, breathable and dries quickly.
-Foam thickness: 25mm Foam Thickener well protected shock knee.
*sell by unit.

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¥ 1,240

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Knee-White/ Black

Peace of mind with a thick pad, tightly guard, the popular long-selling products
-The foam conforms to the shape of your knees.
-The fabric is light, stretchy, breathable and dries quickly.
25mm pad gives a sense of security. The three-dimensional form keeps its shape. It will fit perfectly to your knee.

* sell by unit.

Length: 22.5 cm
Size M: around your knee 32-38cm
TailleL: around your knee 36-42cm

Viscose / Polyester / Cotton / Tencel / Polyurethane

 ** More efficient way of use: use this product with the protection 885.