Hakama Iwata Aikido polyester-B

Hakama Iwata Aikido polyester-B  2H

Thicker and heavier than Hakama 1H very soft and smooth with lustre

Best for Embu (official /formal demonstration) and winter training

High Quality Tetron : polyester 65%, viscose  35%

Length of Koshihimo (string) in front :400cm , back :180cm

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about 2 weeks

¥ 20,150

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Hakama Iwata Aikido polyester-B -2H

Tetron High Quality: polyester 65%, 35% viscose  35%

The features of this hakama 2H:

very easy to care and to wash because the fabric is robust and dry quickly enough and the folds remain.  This hakama is for the beginners to the high leveled people especially for everyday training.

In addition, "Weave cashmere style" makes this fabric very smooth, soft and provids the finest lustre.

In terms of the thickness of fabrics, it is standard. If you intersted in the same type of hakama but thiner and lighter one, ckeck out hakama 1H .

The fabric was created by a textile company: "torus" here in Japan over 50 years.

This high-quality synthetic fabric called "Tetoron" is used in the textile industry for manufacturing including sportswear. (hakama, keikoki etc .....)

IWATA uses this fabric for the hakama over 50 years and developed the quality to adapte the needs of aikidoka. This hakama is very easy to care and machine washable.  The touch of the fabric is very smooth and soft. You can feel the quality of this hakama once you touch it.

All of Iwata's Hakama for Aikido are:
-7 seams on the strings, for the durability improvement.
-IWATA manufactures very carefully in each detail including the seams such as the double-seams at the both side of hakama, reinforced for the intensive training and this "double-stitch" reinforcement is SINONOME special version for the Western Aikidoka (practitioners). So, even though you practice aikido very intensive and very long time, this hakama will not have any problem.

- Koshiita is made of a flexible rubber which can keep its shape but it does not hurt you because it is very soft, and the koshiita's vertical length is not long to avoid a bad confor during your training.

Iwata hakama seams that are adapted to distribute SINONOME European practitioners.

And they have been strengthened and washing labels are in French.

Aikido Hakama 2H
-Weaving "cashmere" makes it very soft and elastic at the same time.
-It is light, soft, flexible and dries faster.
-It is thicker than 1H tetron hakama.
-Ideal for daily practice.

The string before  4 m / rear 1.8 m

The brand "AIKIKAI" can be worn by different manufacturers keikogi and hakama.
Indeed AIKIKAI Tokyo Hombu permits advertising by the label "AIKIKAI" found on keikogi and hakama from different vendors.
The official supplier of the rest of society AIKIKAI Hombu IWATA over 70years.


Koshihimo length (string) to classic 4m
if you want to add:
- 1cm - 50cm:
-51cm - 100cm:
-101cm - 150cm:

Because Iwata must make a hakama separately with this option as a special series (custom fabrication), it takes a little more time. Some sizes have the  delivery time as 10 days will be changed to 4 weeks with this koshihimo option. However, other sizes that have the 4 weeks of delivery time are always the same  delivery time even with this option.

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