Geta for women Kamakura-bori

鎌倉彫 Woodcarving KAMAKURA


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Geta for women Kamakura-bori

Kamakura is the ancient name of the city of KANAGAWA, the former capital of Japan.

Kamakura Bori is a wooden object engraved and lacquered in KAMAKURA.

Like all the other products in our online store, these geta are made in Japan in the traditional way by a specialist in the field. Other models of Japanese sandals - geta, zori, setta - are also available on our website.

23.5 cm (37-38)

Advice for choosing the size of Zori and Geta: the heel protrudes about 1.5 ~ 2cm.

For Geta or Zori for women (round model), the little toe can overtake on the outside.