Kenjutsu-Jigen ryu

DVD 古武道シリーズ 示現流剣術

" Kobudo " series - Jigen ryu Kenjutsu by TOGO Shigemasa

Language : Japanese


Jigen-ryu is a Koryu-Kenjutsu, created by TOGO Chui and developed by SATSUMA Domaine (Kagoshima prefecture).

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" Kobudo " series - Jigen ryu Kenjutsu by TOGO Shigemasa

TOGO Chuï, the founder of Jigen-ryu mastered Taïsha-ryu et Tenshinshojiken-ryu, and he intégreted these two schools and  founded Jigen-ryu. the characteristic of this technique is the first stroke (shodachi).

When you master this technique, it is possible to attack just an attack (unnecessary to do the second attack).  An attack becomes a defense, so it was very useful during the Late Tokugawa Shogunate (Bakumatsu).  At that time people said, "avoid the first stroke if it's Jigen-ryu." Today, this technique is handed down by the TOGO family.

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Language : Japanese