Daito ryu Aiki jujutsu

Jujitsu-Daito ryu

BAB BCD1大東流合気柔術 久琢磨

Jujitsu is a name of technique to beat the opponent without weapons using the power of the enemy. We say "Jujjitsu" or "Yawara".

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Kobudo series - Daito ryu aiki jujitsu

Daitoryu aiki jujitsu

It is the origin of Aikido. Ueshiba Morihei inherited techniques Daitoryu Aiki Jujitsu.


Techniques that Morihei Ueshiba studied can be seen in this DVD.


The content of this DVD " Kobudo series - Daito ryu aiki jujitsu "

-Soden Dai go (5) kan

- Ku (9) kan

-Ninin Dori etc ......

Language: Japanese


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