Naginata-Bag NAMI

housse naginata nami

NAGINATA Bag for 2 Naginata NAMI

polyester (the water-repellent fabric)

Dark blue

Length: 300 cm

Width: 11cm

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¥ 2,200

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NAGINATA Bag for 2 Naginata  NAMI(Wave)

polyester (the water-repellent fabric)

Dark Blue
Length: 300 cm
Width: 10cm

This cover can contain 2 NAGINATA, made of water repellent fabric, it is light but, quite solid.

The bottom of the cover is doubled fabric to prevent wear.
3 strings to tie the Naginata.
Like all our products, this NAGINATA COVER is 100% Japanese made in our workshop in Japan.
Sent directly from Japan.