Bokken Katori shinto ryu-oak

Bokken Katori Shinto Ryu / wooden sword

White Oak / Red Oak

Weight 620g

Length about 98cm

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Bokken / Bokuto Katori Shinto Ryu - Japanese Wooden Sword Katana

White Oak / Red Oak

Weight: 620g

Length: aprox. 98cm

Tsuka Length: 26.5cm

Tsuka size: 3.6 x 2.5cm

This Bokken Katori Shinto Ryu has a very slightly curved blade. It is a little shorter than a standard bokken and very easy to handle.

Katori shinto ryu was created by Ienao IIZASA (1387 - 1488) during the Muromachi period. He is the one who established the concept of Kata and systematized it because at that time, the Japanese martial arts didn't have any.

Katori Shinto-Ryu is the oldest and also the best kobudo school. This school developed not only kenjutsu but also jujutsu, iaijutsu, bojutsu, architecture, astronomy and geography; it is a very comprehensive school.

These bokken are made from Japanese oak in Kyushu (the southern part of Japan) in a traditional way by NIIDOME Bokuto in Miyakonojo, Kyushu.

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