Bokken Yagyu ryu-ebony/wooden weapon

nidome yagyu shima kokutan

Bokken Yagyu ryu -Ebony (Middle weight)

Weight: about 470g

Length : 102cm

Ebony is a dense dark brown hardwood and this sword has a shiny beautiful surface.

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¥ 42,000

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Bokken Yagyu ryu Ebony / wooden sword

Weight: about 470g

Length : 102cm

Tsuka Length: 26.5cm

Tsuka size: 3.0 x 2.1cm

This Bokken Yagyu Ryu is slightly curved and thin, with a round tip (kissaki). It is strong and resistant to moisture.

The ebony used to make this Yagyu Ryu Bokken is of high quality, dense and hard. It gives this bokken a beautiful shiny surface.

These bokken are made from Japanese oak in Kyushu (southern Japan) by NIIDOME Bokuto Seisakujo in Miyakonojo in Kyushu. This company uses wood from a tree of about 300 years old.