HARI Sunao

Tai no jo N°3-HARI Sunao

BAB HAR3D 針すなお創始 体の杖シリーズ 第3巻

Tai no Jo vol.3- Sunao  HARI 

The title Tai no Jo means a Jo of Body.

Sunao  Hari ( 7 th dan) shows the essence of Jo in 3 DVDs.

you can find how to use Jo like a part of the body.

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Tai no Jo vol.3- Sunao  HARI

Dominate your opponent with circular motions and the straight lines!
Sunao Hari: he was born in 1933 in Saga, a student of Seigo Yamaguchi. In 1956 he became a mangaka, and in 1957 he started the Aikikai Aikido in avev YAMAGUCHI the master. He is Kancho (the president) of KODENKAN Dojo, the 7 th dan Aikikai Tokyo and Manga cartoonist recognized. He integrated techniques of Taijutsu and Jo and  created new techniques; "Tai no Jo (body Jo)" using the jo as a body part.

In the third volume, he shows 20 techniques of continuous attacks.

The contents of this DVD

-Yon no den: Susono, Susono kuzushi, Furiwake, Furyu, Kaeshi jo, Uki jo, Hayatsue (hidari), Hayatsue (migi), Hira jo, Ritsu jo

-Go no den: Yume makura, Kusa makura, Taki otoshi (migi), Taki otoshi (hidari)

-Ko den: Matsu ura (hidari), Matsu ura (migi), So oh (hidari), So oh(migi)

Language: Japanese