SOGAWA Kazuoki

Daitoryu Aikibujutsu A to Z N°4-SOGAWA Kazuoki

BAB DAI7D 大東流合気柔術A to Zシリーズ4巻

Daito-ryu aikibujutsu A to Z  vol. 4 -SOGAWA Kazuoki

Language: Japanese


The essence of Saigo ha Daito Ryu Aiki-Jutsu presented in this DVD, which will teach you the secret techniques of this art.

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Daito-ryu aiki-jujutsu A to Z  vol. 4 -SOGAWA Kazuoki

4th volume of the series "Daito-ryu aiki bujutsu from A to Z". Advanced Aikido technique and theory.

Saigo ha Daitoryu's leader, Kazuoki SOGAWA, reveals all the details of his art, even the secret techniques that have been transmitted secretly and orally over time.

The contents of this DVD

- Kaeshiwaza

- Kotegaeshi

- Shiho nage

- Iri mi nage

- Banzai gatama

- Hiden

- Sanjo kuzushi

- Kujo kime, etc.

Language : Japanese