A suburito, also called Furibo, is a bokken for training used for the practice of kata as well as for suburi. It is a bit heavier than a standard bokuto and has a thicker blade, allowing you to improve your hitting speed and strengthen your upper body muscles while improving your flexibility. Note that prolonged practice can cause tendonitis.

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  • ¥ 8,300

    SUBURITO KAI GATA- wooden sword for training (paddle shape) Weight: 1000g Length: 115cm Red oak Hakkaku (Octogonal) SUBURITO means literally wooden sword for Suburi (training)

    ¥ 8,300
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  • ¥ 12,000

    SUBURITO HAKKAKU wooden sword for training Red Oak HAKKAKU (Octagonal) Weignt: about 1500g Length: 115cm Top of sword is cut obliquely. With Grooves SUBURITO means literally a wooden sword for Suburi (training).

    ¥ 12,000
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items