Our Hakama Kendo are manufactured by ANSHIN SHOKAI and MATSUKAN in Japan, thus ensuring very high quality material. Their products have been recommended by the Japanese Kendo Federation. These Kendo hakamas come in several models of different materials - polyester, cotton, tetron - and provide comfort, in addition to being very durable.

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  • ¥ 12,400

    Matsukan Nano magic Hakama KH-910100% Polyester Bleu

    ¥ 12,400
  • ¥ 15,000

    KENDO HAKAMA Indigo Cotton 100% The Hakama folds are sewn inside to keep them as it should be. Top quality Cotton 100% with natural and traditional way of dyeing indigo

    ¥ 15,000
  • ¥ 15,300

    MATSUKAN Katsujin Keiryu indigo 100% cotton  Indigo The Hakama folds are sewn inside to keep the folds as it should be. The fabric "Kako WASH": HAKAMA is already wash, you do not need to wash before putting on.

    ¥ 15,300
  • ¥ 9,400

    Kendo Hakama high quality Tetron Easy to care and to fold, very durable and quick-drying Since the back of pleats are sewn This HAKAMA is made by Tetoron, developed for more than 30 years by Japanese company TORE. The synthetic fiber called Tetoron is used for the industry products,  included in the sport products. Tetron: polyester 65% viscose 35%

    ¥ 9,400
  • ¥ 17,400

    Kendo Hakama white Model for Shihan (teacher). Durable and traditional quality Cotton 100%

    ¥ 17,400
    about 1 weeks
  • ¥ 22,500

    KENDO HAKAMA Indigo-WASH Cotton 100% High quality Hakama The Hakama folds are sewn inside to keep the folds as it should be. No need to wash for the first use

    ¥ 22,500
  • ¥ 27,000

    MATSUKAN Hakama for Kendo-Cotton Indigo Bushu The Kanmuri series is equipment for games.  Traditional elegance with today's need. Indigo Cotton 100%  thickness 9000

    ¥ 27,000
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items