Miniatures of SAMURAI, KATANA, YOROI (armor) and KABUTO

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  • Samurai

    Miniatures of Japanese SAMURAI . Figurines of characters who really existed. Limited series.

  • Katana

    The miniature of KATANA, replicas of true historical katana. The series is limited.

  • Kabuto

    Miniatures of authentic Japanese kabuto, historical helmets of famous people in Japan. Each KABUTO has a specific meaning to the house of Busho (the lord of the castle) who wear it.

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  • ¥ 500

    Series "Genpei Gassen." -MINAMOTO Yoritomo History of Genji (Minamoto) and Heike 1180-1185

    ¥ 500
  • ¥ 800

    Collection "MONONOFU- Busho"Historical replica collection.The "MONONOFU" collection of miniature old weapons, well known in Japan, is presented in France by SINONOME.

    ¥ 800
  • ¥ 300

    The Series "collection TOUKEN-RANBU"It is a magnet of miniature replica Japanese katana possessed by historically well known people.There are 8 kinds.Size: about  5 x 2 x 2cmPackaging: transparent case

    ¥ 300
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items