We offer DVD of more than 20 categories of martial arts such as Aikido, Iaido, Kenjutsu, Kendo, Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, Joto, Ninjutsu, Naginata, Kyudo even Chinese martial arts. With these DVD, you learn the techniques of great masters as if you attend their classes. Some DVD can only be purchased in Japan.

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  • Iaido,Kenjutsu

    DVD on Iaido and Kenjutsu, classified by Ryu-ha (school).

  • Aikido

    DVD of Japanese Aikido masters twho explain the basics of this martial art, different techniques of Aikido, how to breathe properly during training and other valuable content for both beginners and high-ranking practitioners.

  • Kendo

    We offer DVDs of Japanese kendo, martial art descending from ancient kenjutsu styles. You will find movies featuring famous Japanese masters as well as images of historical competitions.

  • Judo

    DVD of the greatest masters of Japanese Judo in the history of this martial art founded by Jigoro Kano and that became one of the most practiced martial disciplines in the world. Judo experienced a boom following the many victories of Ronda Rousey - Olympic Games bronze medalist in 2008 - at the UFC, the largest MMA organization to date, which earned her the world belt in the bantamweight category.

  • Daito ryu Aiki jujutsu

    DAITO RYU was founded by SHINRA SABURO MINAMOTO Yoshimitsu (1045-1127). For 800 years, TAKEDA-Ké (TAKEDA house) kept secret and developed this martial art.

  • Yoshinkan Aikido

    DVD of Yoshinkan Aikido, which is a style developed in the Yoshinkan Dojo of Gozo Shioda (1915–1994) at the end of World War II.

  • Ninjutsu

    Ninjutsu is a set of traditional arts and techniques practiced by some spies of feudal Japan called shinobi and better known in the West as ninjas.

  • Karate

    Large assortment of DVDs on karate - the art of the Empty Hand - featuring different styles of karate from Okinawa and Japan, as well as the greatest Japanese masters of karate.

  • Jodo

    Jodo Is a Japanese martial art where a jō, a straight stick of 1 meter 28 long and 2.5 cm in diameter, is used.

  • Sport chanbara

    DVD-Sport chanbara

  • Kyudo

    Kyudo is the Japanese martial art of archery based on kyujutsu ("art of archery"), which originated with the samurai class of feudal Japan.

  • Sojutsu

    Sojutsu.Sojutsu is Japanese martial arts with yari launches.

  • Jujitsu

    Jujitsu - also called Jiujitsu or Jujutsu is a very complete hand-to-hand combat method that allows to immobilize and incapacitate an opponent, regardless of his or her size.

  • Naginata

    Naginata is a martial art that uses the naginata (the very long and curved blade).

  • Buki jutsu

    DVD of Bukijutsu, martial art that includes Shurikenjutsu, Juttejutsu and Kusarigamajutsu.

  • Kobudo Taikai

    Kobudo Taikai :The demonstration by old school of Japanese martial arts.

  • Yoseikan Aikido

    Yoseikan Budo is a Japanese martial art founded by Minoru Mochizuki. Minoru Mochizuki, born in 1907, started judo at KODOKAN in 1926, practiced with Kyuzo MIFUNE. In 1928, he began to practice: Iaido (with NAKAYAMA Hakudo), Ken jutsu (KATORI SHINTO RYU), Bo jutsu, Jujitsu. In 1930, he started with Aikido Ueshiba Morihei recommeded by Kano Jigoro. In 1931, he created his dojo in Shizuoka YOSEIKAN DOJO gave the course the cops and military. In 1938, he was the consul in Mongolian, gave the course of Japanese martial arts. In 1946, entering Japan in 1951, staying for 1year France. In 1956, promoted to 5 dan Kendo, Jodo 5dan in 1959, 7 dan Kodokan Judo. In 1976, named Zen Nihon Kodan Sha Judo Kai (The High-ranking member of Japan Judo) In 1999, arrived in France. died , May,30, 2003.

  • Hino Budo

    Akira HINO does a lot of theoretical and practical research on BUDO (Japanese martial art). His method allows everyone to develop harmonious and effective movements.

  • Aunkai

    Aunkai is a Japanese martial art whose study focuses on optimal efficiency of body movements.

  • KONO Yoshinori

    KONO Yoshinori Born in Tokyo in 1949. A Japanese martial arts expert who is one of the most famous in Japan. Researching the theme "human nature.". KONO has learnt AIKIDO ( YAMAHUCHI seigo), Kashima Shin Ryu (kenjutsu Jyujitsu) Negishi Ryu (Shuriken jutsu, Naginata jutsu, Iai jutsu), in 1978 he founded his Shuseikan school. Since then, he has taught his method to people from different fields of activities: soccer / baseball / basketball teams, musicians, nurses, engineers, teachers, etc.

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Showing 25 - 36 of 231 items