A bokken (boku: wood / ken: sword) is a wooden sword (called BOKUTO in Japan) used for AIKIDO, KENDO and KENJUTSU training. In general, its shape and size are similar to those of a katana but there are also models similar in shape to other types of swords. Originally, bokken were designed for samurai of feudal Japan to reduce the risk of injury during training.

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  • Bokken Standard

    The standard Bokken model is used for Aikido, Iaido and Kendo. All the bokken offered by SINONOME are manufactured in Miyakonojo, at NIDOME. Visit the workshop.

  • Bokken Koryu

    Koryu Bokken are intended for the practice of ancient Kenjutsu schools. We offer a wide range of Japanese bokken in terms of weights, dimensions etc.. These bokken were used during the training of kata against various weapons (bokken, kusarigama, naginata, ...) and had the advantage of not causing injuries.

    Our supplier NIDOME manufactures several bokken for Soke of KORYU (successor of a kenjutsu school.)

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  • ¥ 4,000

    Oak bokken for women and children (light and short) White / red japanese Oak Bokken Bokkken Weight: about 400g Length: about 91cm Shorter and lighter than a kendo bokken

    ¥ 4,000
  • ¥ 6,250

    Bokken-Yagyu ryu (Yagyu shinkagé ryu) / sabre en bois Chêne blanc / Chêne rouge Poids du bokken : 400g environ Longueur: 102cm

    ¥ 6,250
  • Bokken Katori Shinto Ryu / wooden swordWhite Oak / Red Oak Weight 620g Length about 98cm

  • ¥ 12,970

    JIKI SHINKAGE Ryu 直心影流 - Oak  (Very Heavy) White Oak / Red OakWeight: about 1300glength 102cm

    ¥ 12,970
  • Shinto muso ryu 神道夢想流 White Oak / Red Oak Weight: about 500-550g Length : 101.5cm

  • Nitenichi-ryu (Miyamoto Musashi's school) Replica of Miyamoto Musashi's bokken Made of Japanese Oak and made in Japan Very light, adapted for one hand Weight : about 350-390g Length: about  102cm

  • ¥ 8,820

    Kashima Shin Ryu 鹿島新流 White Oak / Red OakWeight: about 850gLength: 105cm

    ¥ 8,820
  • ¥ 42,000

    Bokken Aikido ebony - wooden sword (SHIMA KOKUTAN) Weight : about 650gLength : 103m It is heavier than Oak Aikido bokken with a slightly curved blade.

    ¥ 42,000
  • ¥ 1,000

    Engraving-Wooden Weapons Burning on wooden weapons.We engrave your name and / or family name on your bokken, jo or tanto up to 5 alphabets. The workshop is a Japanese wooden laser engraver specialist. **If you need help for an engraving in Japanese, please contact us.

    ¥ 1,000
    7 days
  • ¥ 160

    Tsuba for Bokken classic High density polyethylene

    ¥ 160
  • Onoha Itto ryu bokken - Oak (Heavy) White Oak / Red Oak Weight: 750-800g Length: approx. 98.5cm Onoha Itto ryu is an ancient Japanese martial art school (Kobudo). Made of Japanese Oak and made in Japan. When you touch this Bokken, you can see its naturally smooth surface.

  • ¥ 5,060

    Bokken standard White Oak / Red Oak Bokkken weight: about 500g Length 101.5 cm with the groove for the tsuba This Bokken is intended for people who practice AIKIDO and KENDO. Manufactured according to the regulations of the Japanese Kendo Federation

    ¥ 5,060
Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items