Wooden Weapons

Wooden Weapons

Large choice of high quality wooden weapons for Japanese martial arts: Bokken (Bokuto), Tanto, Jo, Shoto and Suburito. Made with oak, ebony, medlar, sunuke...

Our weapons are manufactured in Japan in a traditional way, by hand. Our main supplier is Nidome, whose workshop is located in Kyushu, in the southern part of Japan. He is one of the last Japanese craftsmen still active and has been manufacturing weapons for AIKIDO, KENDO, KENJUTSU and IAIDO for over 70 years.

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  • Bokken-Bokuto

    A bokken (boku: wood / ken: sword) is a wooden sword (called BOKUTO in Japan) used for AIKIDO, KENDO and KENJUTSU training. In general, its shape and size are similar to those of a katana but there are also models similar in shape to other types of swords. Originally, bokken were designed for samurai of feudal Japan to reduce the risk of injury during training.

    Our bokken are made in KYUSHU (south of Japan) at NIDOME in a traditional way and are of irreproachable quality. Our assortment includes a wide range of different models in terms of size, weight, shape, wood used, etc., at unbeatable prices, from very cheap prices for oak bokken to higher prices for ebony bokken.

    Two categories of Bokken are available: Standard Bokken for Aikido, Kendo or Iaido practice, and Bokken Koryu to practice the former Kenjutsu (Koryu) schools.

    The Bokken of Nidome are very popular among Aikikai masters and many of them use them during their seminars and training.

    We also offer the possibility to engrave your name, the one of your dojo, your master, etc. on your bokken. Our laser engraving service is fast and cheap.

  • Tanto

    Tanto is a wooden short sword, of about 30cm.  It is used for Aikido and Kenjutsu.  SINONOME offers different sorts of tanto of the NIDOME brand. Our supplier, NIDOME, is a specialist of wooden weapons (tanto, bokken, jo) since 1940 at Miyakonojo in Japan  (90% wooden weapons are made in Miyakonojo.).

    A tanto is a short wooden sword of about 30cm used in Aikido and Kenjutsu. This weapon, similar to a samurai dagger, allows to perform different types of attacks from different angles. It is mostly used to learn how to disarm a person with a knife.

    SINONOME offers different tanto from the brand Nidome. Our supplier NIDOME is a specialist in the manufacture of wooden weapons (tanto, bokken, jo) since 1940. His workshop is located in Miyakonojo, Kyushu, where 90% of the wooden weapons made in Japan come from. He is one of the last remaining Japanese artisans and, according to our team of experts, the one who offers the highest quality products, all with a perfect finish.

  • Jo

    A Jo is a wooden stick of about 128cm long used for the practice of Aikido, Jodo / Jojutsu and Kenjutsu.

    Our Jo are made in southern Japan with a traditional method by one of the last craftsmen still in activity. In white oak, red oak or sunuke. Possible to engrave one's name or an inscription of one's choice on the Jo.

    Guaranteed quality, fast shipping, best price.

  • Weapon sets

    We offer AIKIDO weapon sets of different sizes and weights, each containing a bokken, a jo and a tanto. All our wooden weapons are manufactured in Japan in a traditional manner by one of the best craftsmen still working and are of outstanding quality.

  • Shoto

    SHOTO is a short wooden sword. (Foreign people called Kodachi / Wakizashi. But Kodachi and WAKIZASHI mean "short KATANA".)

  • Engraved

    Laser engraving on wooden weapons.

    When you order a wooden weapon (bokken, jo, tanto, shoto, suburito), you can add an engraving as an option. Engravings in Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana or Katakana).

    If you need help for a translation in Japanese, please contact us.

  • other


  • Suburito

    A suburito, also called Furibo, is a bokken for training used for the practice of kata as well as for suburi. It is a bit heavier than a standard bokuto and has a thicker blade, allowing you to improve your hitting speed and strengthen your upper body muscles while improving your flexibility. Note that prolonged practice can cause tendonitis.

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  • ¥ 5,210

    Nitenichi-ryu (Miyamoto Musashi's school) Replica of Miyamoto Musashi's bokken Made of Japanese Oak and made in Japan Very light, adapted for one hand Weight : about 350-390g Length: about  102cm

    ¥ 5,210
    Out of stock
  • ¥ 4,670

    IWAMA RYU BOKKEN White Oak / Red Oakbokken IWAMA ryu Weight: about700g width 103cm

    ¥ 4,670
  • ¥ 4,420

    Shinto muso ryu 神道夢想流 White Oak / Red Oak Weight: about 500-550g Length : 101.5cm

    ¥ 4,420
  • ¥ 42,000

    Bokken Aikido ebony - wooden sword (SHIMA KOKUTAN) Weight : about 650gLength : 103m It is heavier than Oak Aikido bokken with a slightly curved blade.

    ¥ 42,000
  • ¥ 4,420

    Bokken Katori Shinto Ryu / wooden swordWhite Oak / Red Oak Weight 620g Length about 98cm

    ¥ 4,420
  • ¥ 12,970

    JIKI SHINKAGE Ryu 直心影流 - Oak  (Very Heavy) White Oak / Red OakWeight: about 1300glength 102cm

    ¥ 12,970
  • ¥ 9,080

    Kashima Shin Ryu 鹿島新流 White Oak / Red OakWeight: about 850gLength: 105cm

    ¥ 9,080
  • ¥ 4,450

    Aikido Bokken - Oak (Middle weight) White Oak / Red OakBokken weight: about 500gBokken length: 103cm Average weight, solid, very resistant to shocks against a bokken or a jo.

    ¥ 4,450
  • ¥ 2,300

    Oak bokken for women and children (light and short) White / red japanese Oak Bokken Bokkken Weight: about 400g Length: about 91cm Shorter and lighter than a kendo bokken

    ¥ 2,300
  • ¥ 4,420

    Bokken-Yagyu ryu (Yagyu shinkagé ryu) / sabre en bois Chêne blanc / Chêne rouge Poids du bokken : 400g environ Longueur: 102cm * White oak arrives at the end of January.

    ¥ 4,420
  • ¥ 4,420

    Bokken Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Bokken is shaped right, it is lightweight and easy to handle White Oak / Red OakWeight: 400 - 450g Bokken Length: 102cm  

    ¥ 4,420
  • ¥ 18,150

    Yagyu Ryu Bokken - SUNUKE (light) Sunuke Yagyu ryu is a little bit heavier and more solid than Oak Yagyu ryu bokken and it has a shiny, beautiful surface. Weight: 400g Length: about 102cm * Bokken Yagyu ryu SUNUKE will arrive in April.

    ¥ 18,150
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Showing 1 - 12 of 42 items