The equipment offered by SINONOME-JAPAN is of high quality and manufactured in Japan by traditional process. Our suppliers, MATSUKAN and ANSHIN SHOKAI are specialists in Kendo and Iaido items. They are recommended by the Japanese Federation of Kendo.

We offer to our customers a complete assortment of products necessary for the practice of this art descendant of Iaijutsu, that could be translated by "the path to harmonious being": Hakama, Keikogi, Iaito and its accessories (sageo, ...) as well as protectors, obi, etc.

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  • Iaito-Maintenance

    All equipment necessary for the maintenance of an IAITO - Japanese saber: camellia oil, clove, mekugi nuki, etc. Items of excellent quality.

  • Hakama

    A Hakama is a wide pleated pants intended for the practice of certain martial arts (Aikido, Kendo, Iaido, ...)

    The Hakama offered here are made in Japan by our suppliers MATSUKAN and ANSHIN. Of excellent quality, their cut and seams make them perfectly adapted to the movements of Iaido, descending from Iaijutsu.

  • Keikogi-jacket

    Hakama and Keikogi (kimono) for Kendo are manufactured by ANSHIN SHOKAI and MATSUKAN. They are specialists of Kendo and Iaido recommended by JAPANESE FEDERATION KENDO.

  • Katanagaké

    The katana stand, is called Katanagake in Japanese. It is a stand for presentation and storage of Katana on the ground. The products we propose here are well-finished. Made in Japan.

  • Iaito

    Our Iaito are made in Japan in the small artisanal workshop OSAWA SHOKAI in SEKI (Gifu prefecture). Our supplier accomplishes a precise, subtle, extremely refined work in order to produce top-of-the-range Iaito with a perfect finishing touch.

    Seki is a city recognized for the unequaled know-how of its craftsmen in the art of katana making. Since the time of MUROMACHI, the most beautiful Japanese swords were born in the forges of Seki and many bushi, samurai and other specialists of kenjutsu and Iaido have acquired their sword from blacksmiths of this city.

  • Iaito-Accessories

    Accessories Iaito, Sageo, Seppa, Mekugi etc.

  • Iaido Accessories

    Accessories for the practice of Iaido. Foot and arm protections, Zekken, Obi, etc.

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  • ¥ 1,350

    Sageo Maru Ami (round rope) Black / Blue / Brown /Beige 220cm Sageo 100% Cotton for Iaito or Katana High quality, made in Japan.

    ¥ 1,350
  • ¥ 6,600

    Sageo for Iaito / Katana Silk Sageo high quality 100% Silk Made in Japan Brown  / Blue / Black / Gold 210cm

    ¥ 6,600
  • ¥ 2,000

    Mekuginuki -Mini hammer for Mekugi of Iaito ( Katana). Length: 13cm Mekugi nuki is a brass hammer to disassemble Mekugi of shinken (Katana) or Iaito.

    ¥ 2,000
  • ¥ 200

    Mekugi-Japanese BambooThe Mekugi is a bamboo screw used to fix a Nakago and a Tsuka.This mekugi was made with a 3 year old wood that was cut in winter.

    ¥ 200
  • ¥ 800

    Maintenance oil for Iai sword - Oil of cloves Clove 30ml (6cm x 3cm) This will help you to keep your sword in a good condition. Choji Abura (clove oil of cloves Japanese) made to clean the blade of the Japanese sword.

    ¥ 800
  • ¥ 2,400

    Katana Cleaning kit Uchiko-Clove oil, nugui gamiCleaning kit for Katana

    ¥ 2,400
  • ¥ 2,800

    Echizen Tésuki Katana NuguigamiA paper of the Japanese rice manufactures handcrafted in the region of ECHIZEN,It was specially made for wiping Japanese KATANA.The fiber is thin and soft.

    ¥ 2,800
  • ¥ 7,500

    Katana Gake Japanese lacquered  /Katana  Stand for 2-Black Urushi Nuri  (lacquer three layers, making traditional Japanese) The finish and quality are excellent. Ho wood (tree "HO" does not warp, it is light and strong.) Made in Japan

    ¥ 7,500
    about 15 days
  • ¥ 17,500

    Katana Stand-Shunkei Nuri for 2 katanaMade in Japan.The finish and quality are excellent.The Ho-wood (tree "HO" does not warped, is light and strong.)

    ¥ 17,500
  • ¥ 1,980

    Knee for iaido- knee protection made ​​in Japan.Knee for IaidoProtection knees to practice Iaido.The steric seam movement and shock adopts to practice Iaido. * Sold per unit

    ¥ 1,980
  • ¥ 2,480

    Gakuya Budo Tabi-black Traditional Japanese Tabi Socks

    ¥ 2,480
  • ¥ 4,100

    HADA JUBAN / Kimono Underwear 100% cotton A hada juban is a Kimono underwear.

    ¥ 4,100
    about 3-5days
Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items