SINONOME offers the highest quality synthetic and cotton AIKIDO equipment in Japan - Hakama, Keikogi and Knee Pads - selected with the greatest care. These products are hand-made in the traditional way by our Japanese suppliers IWATA and ANSHIN, well known by Japanese BUDOKA but also foreign martial artists. SINONOME is the only official representative of IWATA internationally and therefore, benefits from the most advantageous prices and the fastest delivery times, as well as Keikogi and Hakama manufactured with special reinforcements for western customers.

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  • Keikogi-jacket

    Thickness keikogi










    3K 300WA


    4K #500






    5K #600

  • Hakama

    Thickness HAKAMA
















    Soft Tetron


    We offer Hakama of excellent quality in synthetic material, linen, etc. blue, black, indigo. Our uniforms are made in Japan by IWATA, a brand of which we are the only official distributor outside of Japan. This workshop has more than a century of experience in the manufacturing of equipment for Aikido (Hakama, Keikogi / Kimono, belts of all colors, bags, ...) and granted us different privileges regarding prices, delivery times, etc.

    All these Hakama have been approved by the Aikikai Federation and have an Aikikai label.

    Our assortment will allow practitioners of all levels to find a hakama at their convenience.

  • Knee,T-shirt

    D & M, founded in 1902, is one of the most popular manufacturers of protections (elbows, knees etc ...) in Japan. High quality, highly functional, they are made in Japan!

  • Aikido Bokken

    We have selected the best BOKKEN for AIKIDO.You will find the great choice of Bokken, different woods and weights to adapt your daily practice.

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  • ¥ 13,000

    Iwata Aikido keikogi MIYABI-white  -Aikido Uniform Set 1 jacket +1 pants The IWATA Aikido Uniform Set is the lightest uniform in IWATA.It is also soft and less volumed. Ideal for traveling (seminer), these who have sensible skin and for women. YAMADA sensei (New York) uses this keikogi for foreign country internship.

    ¥ 13,000
  • ¥ 13,500

    Keikogi Iwata 3K/300AW unbleached jacket 1 jacket 100% cotton made in Japan Dogi (Gi) with double layer. Thicker than 200AS, the best uniform for tournaments. From the intermediate to the high graded people.

    ¥ 13,500
  • ¥ 19,500

    IWATA Aikido Uniform Set   #600-white  Double layer 1 jacket Dogi (Gi / kimono) 100%  cotton made in Japan DOGI with double layer. Thicker than 200AS /200S and best uniform for tournaments. For SHIHAN (Instructor) and for high graded people.

    ¥ 19,500
  • ¥ 4,460

    Pants for Keikogi Iwata 2K Keikogi Pants cotton 100%

    ¥ 4,460
    about 3 days
  • ¥ 7,600

    Iwata Aikido Dogi MIYABI-white  -Aikido Jaket 100% cotton Thin fabric This keikogi is the lightest of all IWATA assortment.Ideal for travelling (seminar) and for women.YAMADA sensei (in New York) uses this keikogi for seminars abroad.

    ¥ 7,600
  • ¥ 1,000

    EmbroideryA name up to 5 syllables (katakana and kanji).For HAKAMA, KEIKOGI, OBI.

    ¥ 1,000
    3 days
  • ¥ 14,720

    Aikido Hakama Iwata-High Quality Polyester A Fabric Tetron: 65% viscose  35% polyester Dark blue /Black The Best Hakama for training! Very easy to care and the folds remain after trainings and laundry. From beginners to high graded martial artists. Length of Koshihimo (string) in front :400cm , back :180cm

    ¥ 14,720
    about 2 weeks
  • ¥ 14,320

    Hakama White The Best Hakama for training! Very easy to care  and the folds remain after trainings and laundry From the beginners to the high graded people Fabric: 65% viscose polyester Tetoron 35%

    ¥ 14,320
    about 4 weeks
  • ¥ 23,800

    Hakama IWATA cotton 3H Cotton Black 100% in high quality cotton dyed in black  From intermediate  to high level practitioners already familiar with Tetron Hakama. Length of Koshihimo (string) in front :400cm , back :180cm

    ¥ 23,800
    about 4 weeks
  • ¥ 23,800

    High Quality Indigo Hakama Iwata Aikido #6000 - 4H 100% cotton - Indigo with traditional dyeing For intermediate or high level practitioners already familiar with Tetron Hakama Length of Koshihimo (string) in front :400cm , back :180cm

    ¥ 23,800
    about 4 weeks
  • ¥ 27,200

    Top Quality Indigo Cotton Aikido Hakama Iwata-  # 10000 - 5H 100% high quality dyed cotton. For intermediate or high level practitioners (instructors, sensei) already familiar with Tetron Hakama.

    ¥ 27,200
    about 4 weeks
  • ¥ 20,150

    Hakama IWATA Aikido-6H High Quality Tetron with Linen The lightest in Iwata and very breathable and quick-drying Best for Embu (official /formal demonstration) and summer training High Quality Tetron : polyester and linen

    ¥ 20,150
    The delay about 4 weeks
Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items