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    A Japanese martial art. The spirit of SAMURAI.
    We offer materials used by the great Japanese masters.



    We propose all equipmentfor the practice of Aikido
  • wooden weapons

    Our bokken manufactured by NIDOME in Miyakonojo (Kyushu).

    Yoshiaki NIDOME specializes wooden weapons (bokken, jo, tanto).
    We are the sole distributor throughout Europe product NIDOME



Discover our selection of products and equipment dedicated to Japanese martial arts!

Important!! (UPDATE 2020.05.29)

Due to the CORONA virus, some countries have suspended international flights.

The Japanese post office will not be able to send parcels to 160 country from April 23.

Parcels by post are very late. (Sometimes 5 weeks)

By DHL, some agencies are closed temporarily, but we can ship packages.

Thank you for understanding.

more info here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0401_02_en.html

  • ¥ 480

    Japanese small towel Zenkyu Perfect for sports 30cm × 35cm The towel "Jizo" series The Jizo jizobosatsu is one of the symbols of Buddhism, the god who protects children.

    ¥ 480
  • ¥ 5,500

    KATANA BAG- TSURU + PURPLE Silk Cord Color: Purple Fusahimo (cord): 100% high quality viscose -made in KYOTO Width: 14.5cm Length: 128cm

    ¥ 5,500
  • ¥ 3,000

    Kakuobi dragonfly (Obi for Iaito,Kimono of men) 100% polyester 390 x 10cm Single layer with double face (reversible) Dragonfly is a symbol of victory.

    ¥ 3,000
  • ¥ 8,600

    Hakama Aikido Soft Tetron  polyester 65% viscose 35%

    ¥ 8,600
    about 3-5 days
  • ¥ 7,780

    Tanto Loquat - Japanese wooden Dagger The tanto is a short sword for practicing Aikido. Weight: 120g Length About 30cm

    ¥ 7,780
  • ¥ 2,480

    Gakuya Budo Tabi-black Traditional Japanese Tabi Socks

    ¥ 2,480
  • ¥ 4,420

    Bokken-Yagyu ryu (Yagyu shinkagé ryu) / sabre en bois Chêne blanc / Chêne rouge Poids du bokken : 400g environ Longueur: 102cm * White oak arrives at the end of January.

    ¥ 4,420
  • ¥ 12,350

    Keikogi Iaido WARAKU -SUPER BLACK 100% cotton A keikogi with a light and pleasant fabric made using a new Japanese technology.

    ¥ 12,350