Hakama Iwata Aikido 6H

Tetron of High Quality Linen

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The delay about 3-4 weeks

265,00 €

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Hakama IWATA Aikido 6H -Tetron of High Quality

65% Linen, 35% Viscose

Black or Dark Blue

All of Iwata Hakama for Aikido are:
-7coutures the strings, supporting intensive training.
IWATA-attentive to the manufacturing process including the seams.

Iwata hakama seams that are adapted to distribute SINONOME European practitioners. And they have been strengthened and washing labels are in French.

Aikido Hakama Iwata 6H is:

-Weaving makes it very soft and elastic at the same time.
He is light, soft, flexible and dries faster.
-Ideal for practice for the summer.

The brand "AIKIKAI" can be worn by different manufacturers Keikogi and Hakama.
Indeed AIKIKAI Tokyo Hombu permits advertising by the label "AIKIKAI" found on keikogi and hakama from different vendors.
The official supplier of the rest of society AIKIKAI Hombu IWATA over 90 years.

The time: about 4 weeks (making the order.)


Koshihimo length (string) to classic 4m
if you want to add:
- 1cm - 50cm: 32 €
-51cm - 100cm: 42 €
-101cm - 150cm: 52 €

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